Annoying iOS 8 bugs

Here are some things that bug me about iOS 8: Spotlight crashes.  Ever drag the screen down so you can start searching for an app, or an email, etc.?  iOS Spotlight is a tremendously useful feature.  If you have pages and pages of apps, you can’t live without it.  But often, you are forced to, […]

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Geektool (geeklet glet) update for Yahoo weather icons, 2014 edition!

Yahoo France made a small change to their icon source URLs, putting them on secure servers.  My old script command will work, but you need to change the URL to https vs. http: curl –silent “” | grep “obs-current-weather” | sed “s/.*background\:url(\’\(.*\)\’) .*/\1/” | xargs curl –silent -o /tmp/weather.png Original post here.

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